Wednesday, August 26, 2015

review: lizard radio by pat schmatz

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Kivali has grown up believing she was an abandoned baby wearing a shirt with a lizard on it when Sheila, Kivali’s guardian, found her. Sheila also told Kivali she wouldn’t have to go to CropCamp until she was 17, but now Kivali is 15 and Sheila is sending her away. Kivali is understandably confused, but figures out the truth of her life over the course of Pat Schmatz’s dystopian novel that raises a number of questions about identity.

The story captivates, particularly as Kivali unravels the secrets of her past, but the world-building was lacking. Schmatz didn’t make clear how this society came to be or even how the CropCamp, where the majority of Lizard Radio takes place, is supposed to churn out proper adults. Despite the failed world-building, Lizard Radio is a worthwhile read as Schmatz brings the characters to life in what becomes a thought-provoking plot.
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