Thursday, August 6, 2015

review: high country nocturne by jon talton

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High Country Nocturne is the eighth book in a series centering on a cop/historian turned private investigator. Although Jon Talton makes numerous references to events taking place in previous books, it’s not entirely necessary to read the previous books before diving into High Country Nocturne which has an action-packed, intriguing plot. David Mapstone is attempting to clear the name of his partner in the private investigator business after he’s been accused of stealing diamonds. But there are others involved in the diamond heist and David’s life is now in danger. Although the plot occasionally gets sidetracked by Mapstone’s slips into historian, it was fun to learn a bit about Phoenix (where the novels are set) since the city and the divisions between the various law enforcement agencies in the metro area do have their places in the plot.
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