Wednesday, August 19, 2015

review: anchored by brigitte quinn

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Drawing on her own background as a television news anchor, Brigitte Quinn crafts a noteworthy tale of a cable news anchor trying to balance family with work which includes dealing with a ladder-climbing producer. Too frequently novels about TV news (the industry I work in) are filled with inaccuracies and implausible situations, but Quinn tells it like it is. By setting Anchored in 2000-2001, she’s also able to incorporate actual events that affected America and the TV industry which makes the novel even more realistic. The affair plot, though, is where Quinn suffers some setbacks. Although Barbara and Jack are both attractive and charismatic, there is little else to explain their developing romance. Given that Quinn establishes both as long-time professionals who have never previously cheated on their spouses, more explanation was needed as to why Barbara and Jack would choose to pursue each other.
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