Thursday, July 24, 2014

review: what strange creatures by emily arsenault

What Strange Creatures begins fairly mundanely with the Battle siblings simply living their ordinary lives. This start illustrates how anyone’s life can be thrown into chaos quite unexpectedly. Theresa would have never expected her out of work, probably alcoholic brother to be accused of murdering his girlfriend, but that’s exactly what happens. Since Theresa will take any excuse not to work on her dissertation, she immediately sets out to prove Jeff’s innocence despite some damning evidence. Theresa quickly discovers that Jeff’s girlfriend has a secret past that could have led to a political scandal and may just be the reason she was silenced.

The dynamic between the siblings was excellent and the portrayal of the relationship became all the better once Theresa and Jeff’s parents arrived on scene. The murder mystery and political scandal elements kept up the intrigue, but What Strange Creatures dragged a bit when Theresa would wax on about her dissertation. Having an English degree, I’m somewhat familiar with Margery Kempe, who Theresa was writing about, but all the extra details were not very interesting though Emily Arsenault did well to draw parallels between Theresa and Margery.
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