Tuesday, July 15, 2014

review: eyes on you by kate white

Is Robin Trainer crazy? Just as she’s getting her career back on track, someone seems set on taking Robin down. On the night of her book release party, Robin finds a nasty note scrawled over her thank you speech. The threats escalate from there with Robin being deliberately injured and drugged. Robin knows someone is out to get her, but she also accused her stepmother of something similar. Her tormentor clearly knows Robin’s history and uses it against her to destroy Robin’s credibility which leaves Robin to fight for her job and her life with only a few trusted people. But is her trust misplaced?

Eyes on You immediately appealed because of Robin’s job in television, which was accurately portrayed. Beyond that, Kate White created a compelling character who is both vulnerable and strong and capable but fallible. Even as doubts about Robin’s sanity crept in, she remained a rootable protagonist. The plot moves quickly with plenty of intrigue and enough misdirection to keep the reader guessing.
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