Tuesday, July 22, 2014

review: the walk-in closet by abdi nazemian

Kara and Bobby live on their own sides of a duplex purchased by Bobby’s wealthy parents. It’s a convenient arrangement as the best friends are able to pursue their own exploits (far more on Bobby’s side) while allowing Bobby’s parents to believe Kara’s his girlfriend. But while Bobby hooks up with a variety of men (and then panics about AIDS), Kara is stunted by the façade and a devastating earlier breakup. While the first few chapters of The Walk-In Closet were a bit boring, the plot takes an interesting turn when Kara decides she wants to start behaving more like Bobby. She has some hilarious moments especially when her other friends spot her ad seeking no-strings sex. But that no-strings sex turns out to have plenty of strings when Kara can’t resist uncovering the real identity of her fling. The Walk-In Closet is not without vulgarity, but it’s also a touching story about the family one makes.
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