Thursday, March 13, 2014

review: the savages by matt whyman

There’s something different about the outwardly normal Savage family. As the book opens, their family secret is about to come out as a private investigator is looking into the father’s business. But that’s not all the family has to worry about: teen daughter Sasha has started dating a vegetarian, 12-year-old prankster Ivan pulls a prank that goes too far, and the mother’s spending is out of control. The characters are fantastically drawn and the incorporation of some self-righteous vegetarians is perfect given the peculiarities of the Savages’ own diet. The amusingly dark storylines converge in a fabulous way, but the ending is unsatisfying with many loose ends (likely because The Savages is intended to be the first in a series).
Review copy provided by the publisher, Overlook.

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