Thursday, April 3, 2014

review: in the blood by lisa unger

With her father on death row for her mother’s murder, Lana Granger seeks out a fresh start in college where no one except her therapist knows who she really is. Although her trust fund means she doesn’t have to work, the lawyer overseeing the money suggests following her mother’s wishes to “earn [her] own way” and “help people.” As Lana browses her college’s job board, her favorite professor and advisor points out a baby-sitting job for a troubled boy named Luke. Luke’s mother immediately hires her. But just as Lana’s adjusting to the responsibilities of baby-sitting a manipulator, her roommate Beck vanishes after a fight with Lana. Luke seems a little too interested in Beck’s disappearance and soon challenges Lana to a “game” that sends her searching for clues all over their small town.

Lisa Unger’s In the Blood is incredible. The excellent writing and gripping plot immediately hooked me. I never wanted to stop reading (or in this case, listening), especially early on when I was desperately trying to figure out who the diary writer was. Although I figured that out a few chapters before it was revealed, In the Blood was full of surprising twists. The reveals were absolutely mind-blowing.

About the audiobook: Gretchen Mol and Candace Thaxon co-narrate with Mol serving as the primary narrator. Both were fantastic and their narration added to the suspense. In the Blood runs 10.5 hours and was published in 2014 by Simon & Schuster Audio.
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