Thursday, March 6, 2014

review: happily ever after by elizabeth maxwell

Happily Ever After opens with the erotica that Sadie Fuller is writing under her pseudonym, but follows with Sadie’s decidedly unsexy personal life. She’s the self-described overweight ex-wife of a gay man with whom she shares a daughter. Sadie’s life goes along normally, if not boringly, until she spots a gorgeous, but confused man while she’s shopping at Target. It doesn’t take long before Sadie discovers that this man is the character from her manuscript! From there, Happily Ever After ends up being a mix of genres as paranormal elements combine with erotica, romance, and women’s fiction. Via Sadie’s commentary on being a novelist, Elizabeth Maxwell addresses the mixed genre issue which helps make it all work. The characters here were great and it was thoroughly enjoyable when Sadie lost control of her manuscript and then her life.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Touchstone.

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