Monday, October 21, 2013

review: not without you by harriet evans

Sophie is the typecast star of a number of romantic comedies. Although she's made a name for herself along with large sums of money, Sophie wants to do more with her career. She'd really like to make a movie about the life of her favorite actress, Eve Noel, who disappeared from the spotlight decades ago. Little is known about Eve, but Sophie feels compelled to find out about her life. Sophie even lives in Eve's old house. But Sophie is sidetracked from her Eve project when someone (who scarily has accessed her house despite the guards) starts harassing her. As a result, Sophie takes on a movie shooting in England which just happens to lead her to both Eve Noel and the discovery of her stalker.

The parallels between Sophie and Eve and how the two eventually came together made for an incredible read. I enjoyed both stories equally and like Sophie wanted to know more about Eve's life. Despite both woman being starlets, they were highly relatable in their struggles with both career and love.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Gallery Books.

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