Sunday, October 27, 2013

review: homecoming ranch by julia london

After the death of the father she never knew, Madeline discovers that she and two sisters she didn’t know about have inherited a ranch. Madeline leaves Florida for what she believes will be a short trip to Colorado to handle issues with the estate. Nothing goes according to plan though. She and her sisters don’t exactly bond and there are complications regarding the ranch. One of those complications is the very attractive Luke who once lived at the ranch. Luke’s father sold the ranch to Madeline’s father when the medical bills for Luke’s brother became too much to handle. Now Luke wants the ranch back, but the two older men never put in writing that the Kendrick family could buy it for the sale price. As a result, Luke is constantly hanging around the ranch which puts Madeline in his line of sight.

While Homecoming Ranch is a highly predictable romance, it was dismaying how much Madeline had to give up for that romance. It can somewhat be justified though as Madeline’s life in Florida wasn’t that fantastic. Luke’s motives for being with Madeline also seemed suspect as he was initially so determined to get back the ranch. Also, the constant shifting of narrators and the fact that one was first-person was off-putting, particularly since the first-person chapters of Luke’s brother Leo contributed little to the story.
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