Friday, October 25, 2013

review: but you like really dated?! by ryan casey

Man, Hollywood is an incestuous group! Ryan Casey’s illustrated But You Like Really Dated?! documents the many hookups of celebrities like Warren Beatty (“close to 12,775 women”), Drew Barrymore, and George Clooney. The number of men who have dated both Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan was pretty astounding and Casey poked fun at them all. Talk of the Town, which contains the hot gossip, was my favorite, but the blind items are making me a little crazy! I could only figure out the Leighton Meester one, but that’s what Google is for. You likely already know the contents of But You Like Really Dated?! if you follow the gossip columns, but it’s fun (and staggering) to see it all collected in Casey’s hilarious and beautifully illustrated book.
Review copy provided by the publisher, It Books.

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