Friday, September 13, 2013

review: loudmouth by craig carton

In Loudmouth, Craig Carton shares his story from childhood to how he got into radio and made an incredibly successful career in sports talk. A true sports fan with a love for the radio industry, Carton’s passion shines through in his selective memoir that also includes his thoughts on sports stars like Alex Rodriguez and Tiger Woods. He shares great tales from his formative years and early radio days. Of the shared anecdotes, my favorite was when Carton and his father went to visit colleges. On the way back, Carton bet his father that they couldn’t make it back in time for the NFL game on TV. Though he’d planned to stop, they drove all the way home in near silence and got to see the end of the game. His descriptions of his parents made them come alive, but he shies away from revealing much about his wife and children. Even if you aren’t a sports fan (I only like hockey), Loudmouth is hilarious.

About the audiobook: Craig Carton reading his own book adds to the awesomeness. With a great voice from his years in radio, he’s a pleasure to listen to. Furthermore, Carton knows exactly where to place the emphasis and dramatic pauses as he’s the one who experienced everything he wrote. Loudmouth was published by Simon & Schuster Audio in 2013. It runs 6 hours and 17 minutes.
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