Friday, November 16, 2012

review: vlad all over by beth orsoff

The first book in a new series from Beth Orsoff centers on a private school teacher who is offered an incredible opportunity nannying one of her students while the girl and her father are in Romania for the summer.  Gwen hesitates because she barely knows Isabella’s attractive father, but the money he offers is triple what she’d make at her planned summer job at Starbucks.  And it’s not just the money, Gwen can also use the job to research Vlad the Impaler, whose story she’s inexplicably drawn to.  So Gwen agrees and soon finds herself falling for her mysterious boss.

While I took great pleasure in reading Vlad All Over, sometimes Gwen was just too stupid for words.  Without going into the details that will give away a major plot point, there was an encounter between Gwen and Alex that would’ve had me running away fast whereas Gwen just got deeper involved.  Alex threw out plenty of red flags that Gwen repeatedly ignored.  Even so, there’s plenty of sex and betrayal plus some comedic turns (Gwen’s best friend Zoe is fantastic) that keep the story going even when Gwen is annoying.
Review copy provided by the author.

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