Thursday, November 29, 2012

review: two lethal lies by annie solomon

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Mitch and his 11 year old daughter Jules have been on the run since shortly after she was born, but they stop running despite Mitch’s reservations after Mitch saves the life of a girl Jules quickly befriends.  But staying in one place means forming relationships and dealing with the questions people start to ask.  It doesn’t take long before the police figure out Mitch’s true identity; his arrest puts Jules’s life in danger.

Having just finished watching the first season of The Fugitive, I noticed some similarities between Richard Kimball’s plight and Mitch Turner’s.  Details were changed, but the plot of Two Lethal Lies bore a striking resemblance.  But I liked The Fugitive and enjoyed Two Lethal Lies, which had a fast-paced plot that created questions and supplied answers at all the right times.  The romance is a little weak, but that is reasonable considering the backgrounds of Mitch and the female lead.
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