Friday, November 30, 2012

review: the bracelet by roberta gately

Abby has a tendency to flee when things go wrong, which is how she ends up working for the United Nations in Pakistan after her boyfriend says he wants to move to Oregon without her.  She expects to use her nursing skills at the vaccination clinic, but discovers a human trafficking ring.  With a sexy reporter from The New York Times at her side, Abby begins helping take down the head trafficker. 

Every time I reached a chapter end, I felt the need to keep reading The Bracelet.  Roberta Gately’s tale was simply too haunting to put down.  Knowing that people really are sold to these rings compelled me to keep reading even when Abby needed Nick to explain trafficking to her like she was five.  It also detracted from the story when Zara would take over telling the women’s stories.  Zara’s interruptions not only made me suspicious of her, they made the scenes a little awkward, especially since Nick wanted to use the women’s own words in his article.  Despite that, the brilliance of the prose kept me enthralled to the very end.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Gallery Books.

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