Tuesday, June 14, 2011

review: the mistress's revenge by tamar cohen

When Clive breaks off his five-year affair with Sally, she goes completely off the rails. In a story told entirely from Sally's very unreliable perspective, the brutal aftermath of the affair is exposed. Sally becomes severely depressed and tries to keep a connection to Clive (who wants no contact) by befriending his wife and adult children all while ignoring her own family.

Given the format, which is a journal/letter of sorts directed at Clive, it was frequently difficult to tell what was really happening. Was Clive really hacking into Sally's email to sabotage her career? Even Sally questions if all that she believes to have happened has actually happened. All that is absolutely certain is that Sally needed much more intense psychiatric care than what she was receiving from her therapist.

The format also made it difficult to connect with the story as the word "you" was used with frequency. Every reference to Clive with the "you" brought me out of the story. It became tedious to read, especially given Sally's inability to focus on anything other than revenge. The end, however, was quite the surprise though I still wonder if it wasn't all a delusion.

Review copy provided by the publisher, Free Press.

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