Friday, May 27, 2011

review: the goodbye quilt by susan wiggs

The timeline of The Goodbye Quilt is short—the entire book (minus the epilogue) takes place during the road trip Linda and her daughter Molly make to get Molly to her first day of college. It is a big deal for Linda (who never finished college) that her very accomplished daughter got a scholarship for an excellent private university. But there are two mini-conflicts: Molly sort of wants to stay in Wyoming with her boyfriend and Linda has no idea what to do with herself now that her only child is leaving home. Linda likens this loss to death, which seems a little over the top, but it is true that Linda believes she’ll have no purpose once Molly is gone. For now, Linda’s thrown herself into making a quilt with patches representing things from Molly’s childhood.

The relationship between Linda and Molly was unrealistic at times. They were very accepting of each other’s opinions and remarks even when Linda made critical statements to Molly. Even more unbelievable was when Molly wavered on going away to college; Linda just accepted that maybe it wouldn’t happen and assured Molly things would be fine either way. The story is cute, but there’s no real substance.
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