Friday, May 13, 2011

review: chocolate & vicodin by jennette fulda

A permanent headache shouldn’t be funny, right? Yet Jennette Fulda succeeds in making her agonizing pain amusing in Chocolate & Vicodin (which are just two of the many things she tried as treatment for the headache). Fulda is fairly explicit with what she went through while seeking treatment for her never-ending headache, but she injects humor into each step which keeps the tone light even when the subject is serious.

Although I’m pretty sure I would’ve been annoyed if Fulda had been a coworker (she definitely overshares her ailments with her coworkers and is absent far too often for a new employee), I did feel sympathy for her plight. Each doctor believed he or she could cure Fulda’s headache, but the treatments never worked; and each treatment created yet another medical bill that depleted Fulda’s savings. But there were also a few times when Fulda was a little too snarky about the people who genuinely wanted to help; she sometimes came across as self-absorbed and ungrateful as a result.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Gallery Books.

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