Thursday, May 19, 2011

review: going cowboy crazy by katie lane

On her deathbed, Faith’s mother confessed that Faith was adopted and had an identical twin in Texas. So Faith packed up and drove from Chicago to an incredibly small town in Texas where she was immediately mistaken for her sister, Hope. But Hope no longer lives there; she headed to Hollywood years ago. Faith would’ve been off to California immediately, but is stranded in Texas when some well-meaning townsfolk steal her car in order to get “Hope” back together with Slate. Slate knows Faith isn’t Hope, but finds himself attracted to her…and that’s when the complications begin.

Going Cowboy Crazy is a cute story filled with drama, but the romance was a bit unbelievable (and slightly creepy given the twin element). I found myself skimming the romantic scenes, but thoroughly enjoyed Faith’s interactions with Shirlene (a friend of Hope’s) and Austin (a teen who is new in town).
Review copy provided by the publisher, Forever.

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