Friday, March 25, 2011

review: get energy! by denise austin

With Get Energy!, Denise Austin provides some great tips for how to move from a sluggish, couch potato lifestyle to one where you actually have enough energy and motivation to lead a fulfilling life. She starts off with an overview on energy, then has a checklist that guides the reader to the area he or she should focus on in order to optimize energy levels.

One area where I did dispute Austin was in sleep patterns. She believes everyone’s body clock tends toward early-riser. While this isn’t practical for all (which she does acknowledge in one of the vignettes from a 911 dispatcher), I believe people have different body clocks. I never had an energy problem when I worked the late night news. I didn’t even set an alarm clock. Now that I work mornings and middays, I have to set multiple alarms and never want to get out of bed even though I still get the same 8-10 hours of sleep. Because of that, I’m putting some of Austin’s tips to use. Many of the (illustrated) stretches were ones I was familiar with from Pilates, so I can attest that they really are helpful. I always feel great after Pilates. Time in the sun is another recommendation that most people can easily fit into their schedules. Austin also provides a list of foods that can boost energy levels. She suggests staying away from too much caffeine and sugar, which can lead to crashes. So while those are all the familiar tips for a healthier life, Austin does lay it all out in easy-to-follow pieces with short pull-outs such as “Revive in 5!” and “Peace Pockets.”
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