Friday, March 18, 2011

review and tour: welcome to last chance by hope ramsay

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When Last Chance’s local matchmaker predicts that Clay’s “soulmate [will] arrive on the nine-thirty bus from Atlanta,” he didn’t expect that three women would do so. There’s two of his exes (one pregnant with another man’s child) and Jane, who has a secret past. Although the two exes provide some complications, it’s clear from the moment Clay and Jane immediately get into bed that these will be the “soulmates.” But there are further complications involving what Jane’s hiding.

There are some cute moments as well as bits of danger when one of the bad men from Jane’s past comes after her. Overall, it was a sweet love story that kept me entertained. The one distraction was the business of the angels. First there’s Clay’s young niece seeing angels while her grandma hears the gossip about Clay hooking up with Jane, then it’s revealed that seeing angels runs in the family as Clay’s father (a very minor character) sees them too. This could’ve been something, but it just wasn’t really developed thus making it a very odd plot point.
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