Friday, March 11, 2011

review and tour: miss scarlet's school of patternless sewing by kathy cano-murillo

To make money to attend a design program, Scarlet decides to hold a sewing class. Her gimmick is that they won’t use patterns. Among her students are a neurotic, work-obsessed woman with a failing marriage and an elderly woman with an air of mystery about her. It didn’t take long for me to figure out exactly who Rosa was; what was surprising was the fact that Scarlet never figured it out, but then Scarlet never came across as very bright. There were times when I was absolutely screaming at Scarlet for being so stupid. For example, when she went all out making dresses based on her boss’ email of potential sale even though Scarlet had previously been screwed over by her boss.

I can’t say I liked any of the characters (at least the ones who received any sort of development), but they did start to grow on me a bit by the end. Scarlet still grated with her exclamations about her brilliant EmergiSew creation, but she did get a little smarter.
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