Thursday, September 23, 2010

review: the human bobby by gabe rotter

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In a story about a man who loses everything when he makes the mistake of letting his childhood crush (a recovering addict) back into his life, Gabe Rotter makes excellent use of foreshadowing. While the story of lose is incredibly tragic, there were still humorous bits throughout The Human Bobby, particularly involving the happier times of Bobby and his wife.

Right up until the end, The Human Bobby was stellar, gripping, and kept me guessing. I raced through wondering how it would end. Would Bobby win back Ava by finding their son? It seemed likely as it would make for a happy ending though it would take a lot of work. But when the book did end it felt like an easy way out. And yet I hesitate to say that it was. There were a few hints sprinkled throughout that lead me to believe the ending was exactly what Rotter was working toward all along. It’s worth a second read.

One thing that I still working out is that The Human Bobby starts with Chapter 31 then goes back to Chapter 1 (this part really worked for me), but then the Chapter 31 that comes in the normal sequence isn’t the same as the one that started off the book. If other readers have thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them!
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  1. Hmmmm...I profiled this book a while back, but never got a copy. It does sound good, although the reverse sequence is not a favorite style for me??

    Thanks 4 the great review.

  2. The first chapter reads like a prologue, so don't be worried about the middle of the book coming at the beginning.