Thursday, September 30, 2010

review: aching for always by gwyn cready

Aching for Always kicks off with murderous intrigue in the prologue and plunges into steamy romance by the middle of chapter two. It's a great beginning to another stellar time-traveling novel from award-winning Gwyn Cready. Here Joss is all set to marry her new business partner despite knowing him for only a few months (they became close while her father was in the hospital). But then Joss runs into a time-traveler who causes her to doubt everything she's ever trusted regarding her life. Soon Joss faces a major life-altering decision made all the more difficult by the new reality she must contend with.

I particularly enjoyed the way Cready wove the story of the mapmaker into the overall plot. The fairy tale, which Joss's mom told, is revealed at the beginning of certain chapters as other parts come in Joss's reflections on her virginity as well as conversations she has with time-traveling Hugh. At the end comes a nice revelation about the story.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Pocket Books.

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