Thursday, September 2, 2010

review: all i ever wanted by kristan higgins

I almost stopped reading All I Ever Wanted after the first few pages; Callie just seemed a little too obsessed with her failed romance with her boss. Because really, are you still not over a five week relationship that ended eleven months ago? But I trudged on and it did get better (though I could've done without half the characters having unusual names). A few chapters in, Callie's obsession makes more sense. She's never really moved past age 14 when the very cool and two years older Mark gave her her first kiss. And since Callie doesn't seem to have much other relationship experience, it does kind of make sense that she's stuck on Mark. But it’s time for her to move on; and who better to move on with than the new vet in town? Only problem is the new vet is ice cold and witnessed her breakdown at the DMV.

As Callie embarks upon her date other men to get over Mark plan, she has some crazy dates and deals with her even crazier family. Eventually Callie and the vet get together. Ian (the vet) proves himself to be a fantastic guy when someone Callie loves dies, but their romance gets a little complicated when Mark attempts to get in good with Callie again. The story is predictable, but nicely done. My big complaint is how annoying Callie sometimes is. In addition to her initial obsession with Mark, Callie repeats the same cutesy phrases (“holy guacamole” in particular) to the point of exhaustion.
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