Wednesday, April 14, 2010

review and tour: how clarissa burden learned to fly by connie may fowler

Clarissa's story takes place in a 24 hour period. It wasn't until I had nearly finished the book that I realized how brilliantly Connie May Fowler had paced it. At the beginning, things move slowly because Clarissa is slowly going about her day (and fuming about her husband). As Clarissa gets closer to making the decision to leave her jerk of a husband, the pacing starts to really pick up until it got so that I couldn't put down the book.

I must say that Clarissa really, really annoyed me. While it is reasonable to expect your spouse to take care of a few household tasks, it is quite ridiculous to let your trash pile up for weeks (in the back of your barely running truck no less!) while you complain to yourself that your spouse didn't do as asked. Take care of it yourself! Clarissa finally did just that (and it seemed to propel her into getting rid of more than just the trash), but why'd it take so long?
Review copy provided by the publisher, Grand Central Publishing.

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