Thursday, April 22, 2010

review and tour: firefly rain by richard dansky

Firefly Rain succeeded at freaking me out (which doesn't happen easily) a few times. Years after his parents have died, Jacob leaves Boston for his small North Carolina hometown. The family friend who took care of the property is none too pleased about Jacob's longtime absence and broken promise to his mother about returning home. Soon it becomes clear that while the townsfolk aren't welcoming, someone or something doesn't want him to leave. His belongings burning on the moving truck didn't seem significant until Jacob's car is stolen--stolen from the driveway without any sign of anyone having been to the isolated property. Further creeping out Jacob (and me) is the fact that the fireflies he chased as a child now avoid the property line. In an experiment, Jacob captures some and forces them to cross; they immediately die.

It gets creepier and creepier. I really shouldn't have read Firefly Rain before going to bed. The beginning was a little slow for me because I kept trying to figure out how the fireflies were going to come into play. That may have led to me missing something very significant in the first chapter. I didn't realize I had until I went back through the book as I wrote this review. So pay attention when you read the beginning instead of being eager to get to the mystery!
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