Friday, April 16, 2010

review and tour: dark deceptions by dee davis

After a mission gone bad (which is an understatement), CIA agents Annie and Nash went their separate ways. Nash believed Annie had betrayed him while Annie thought her cover had been blown and went into hiding to raise her son. The two are brought back together when Annie's son is kidnapped by a man from their mutual past. In order to destroy Annie's life, the man sets up everything to look like Annie has committed treason; since Nash already believes she left him for dead, it isn't much a stretch to believe Annie would also betray her country. To save her son and clear her name, Annie must convince her former lover to trust her even as she doesn't fully trust him.

Dark Deceptions is a quick read that wraps up Annie and Nash's story to a satisfactory conclusion while leaving one nagging question about who tried to sabotage them. That question will likely be answered in the next book of this new trilogy. I'm intrigued enough to read Dangerous Desires when it comes out in July.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Forever.

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