Friday, March 12, 2010

review: succubi like it hot by jill myles

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With Succubi Like It Hot, Jill Myles continues the story of newly turned succubus Jackie. All the elements of her excellent debut novel are here, but Jackie now reads a bit annoying. She still hasn't caught on to her new world, which means she's continuing to make rookie mistakes. Jackie and her new friends are still dealing with the consequences of her last major mistake (in Gentlemen Prefer Succubi)--Remy is possessed by the evil Joachim. When a curse is placed on Jackie, she makes the situation worse by foolishly following the instructions of a demon and then trusting a stranger because he has a sexy accent and she's got a curse-intensified Itch. It's still a good plot; it just needs that little something extra from Jackie's development. The introduction of Delilah is a good move. She's an intriguing character with lots of history, so I hope her story is continued in the next book of the series.
4/5 Review copy provided by the publisher, Pocket Star Books.

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