Wednesday, March 31, 2010

review and tour: love in mid air by kim wright

Toward the beginning of Love in Mid Air, one of the characters comments during a book club discussion that the difference between real life and novels is that in real life women stay in their unhappy marriages, but run off with a lover in novels. Although the statement clearly isn’t true (the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high if it was), it does set up what this novel will be about: Will Elyse stay with husband Phil or run off with Gerry, a man she had a chance encounter with on an airplane? That question kept me reading even as I hated some of the things Elyse did and didn’t always understand why she was so unhappy. The true downside to Love in Mid Air is the ending, which I obviously can’t discuss too much without spoiling it. A misunderstanding leads to violence that I never saw coming nor did I wish to have the author go down that road with so few pages left. It seemed a cheap way out.
ARC Review
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