Thursday, March 11, 2010

review: how to never look fat again by charla krupp

I didn't realize I wasn't in the target audience when I requested How to Never Look Fat Again for review. I assumed it would be written in more general terms, kind of a book version of TLC's What Not to Wear (which I love). But it is very specifically targeted at middle age women who most definitely are carrying a few extra pounds; so my assessment may not be exactly fair. That said, I do believe the book is a little wordy; a fashion book should include loads of pictures to clearly illustrate what the author is referencing. I expected far more before/after shots so that one could actually see the difference the clothes make. On the plus side, the book is divided into clear categories making it easy to read only the sections that apply. I also enjoyed Krupp's advice on weeding out your closet. Maybe one of these days I actually undertake it! I already have the clothing rack that Krupp recommends.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Springboard.

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