Tuesday, November 10, 2009

review and tour: white picket fences by susan meissner

Amanda and Neil have a superficially perfect life with two great kids, Chase and Delcey. The truth of their life starts to come out when they wind up with temporary custody of Amanda's niece, Tally. Although they didn't entirely want Tally living with them, it turns out to be a very good thing as the family is forced to admit the truth about a secret tragedy that happened many years ago. Another secret comes out when Chase, Tally, and a friend of Chase's interview two Polish men who survived the Holocaust.

Most of White Picket Fences was well done with a good plot. Delcey and Neil weren't really developed, but Amanda, Chase, and Tally all seemed realistic. My biggest problem with the story came near the end. Throughout White Picket Fences, Chase pursues the truth about what happened when he was a small child. His parents have refused to talk about it, though Amanda has started to realize that Chase probably remembers at least something about the terrible fire. She wants to talk to him, but Neil convinces her not to say anything because of a secret he'd kept from her; this causes some trouble for the marriage. The couple never ends up dealing with this problem, which left me wondering if they'd just go on pretending they have a great marriage. Furthermore, when Chase finally remembers exactly what happened the day of the fire, it's far too convenient. In some ways I wish there'd be more about the Holocaust survivors and the family's connection.
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