Monday, November 2, 2009

review and tour: leaving carolina by tamara leigh

Her entire life, Piper and her mother have been rejected by most of Piper’s father’s family. Eventually Piper and her mother left North Carolina for Los Angeles where Piper really made a name for herself (and under an abbreviated last name to avoid anyone making a connection to her past). Now all these years later, Piper’s drawn back to her hometown to help the only member of the family who ever seemed to care about her.

Leaving Carolina is all about relationships. While the familial ones are at the forefront, there’s also a hint of romance for Piper. What I found most interesting was Piper’s portrayal. At the beginning, she’s clearly sympathetic, but Piper becomes less so as her family is introduced. In fleeing her past, Piper remained embittered with her family’s past faults while those relatives stayed and dealt with some of their issues. Piper continued to act like a hurt child rather than grow into a mature adult. It was good to see her gain some perspective as her stay in Pickwick stretched on.

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