Tuesday, September 1, 2009

review: the other side of blue by valerie o. patterson

Cyan’s father died a year ago; now she has questions about his death. An accident? Suicide? Homicide? Whatever the circumstances, Cyan's mother has moved on and the new boyfriend's daughter is visiting them at the vacation spot where Cyan's father died. Cyan, who was never very close to her artist mother in the first place, is clearly unhappy about all of this, but also determined to find out what really happened the night her father died. The truth shocks her, but also leads her to think differently of her mother.

The story is well-written with good dialogue but leaves a number of loose ends. Now that Cyan knows the truth, her relationship with her mother will surely change but too much damage may have been done for them to ever be close. Then there's the question of how Cyan and Kammi will get along. They are closer by the end, but being "sisters" may be impossible. Then again, they may not ever see each other again since the boyfriend (Kammi's father) really didn't have a role here.
ARC Review

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