Friday, September 4, 2009

review: the crying tree by naseem rakha

The beautifully written characters of The Crying Tree are stunningly real. It’s a story of devastating loss that also tells of unbelievable forgiveness on the part of the mother.

One of the interesting things about The Crying Tree is the way Rakha reveals how the family came to be as they are in the days before the execution of the man who fired the shot that killed 15 year old Shep. In the first two parts, time jumps around: there’s the time surrounding Shep’s death, the present when the execution has finally been scheduled after 19 long years, and some important periods in between. Small pieces are revealed along the way until the final bombshell comes two weeks before the execution. Though there are some hints, the last secret comes as a major shock. It is an excellent twist that again rips apart the family.

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