Monday, September 14, 2009

review: bundle of trouble by diana orgain

Diana Orgain’s Maternal Instincts series starts off with Kate receiving a phone call about her husband’s no-good brother moments before her water breaks. With her new baby in tow, Kate attempts to figure out just what her brother-in-law’s bags were doing on the pier where the body of a high school friend’s husband was pulled out of the San Francisco Bay. After meeting with the private investigator hired by the deceased’s mother, Kate starts thinking that private investigator would be the perfect job for her. After all, she’s not looking forward to going back to the office once her maternity leave is up. Now she just has to solve the mystery before too many more bodies are found!

With mysteries, I appreciate two things: not being able to figure out who the killer is right away (unless the author reveals it by giving the killer’s perspective) and having all the bits and pieces make sense at the end. Bundle of Trouble is successful in these two aspects and makes a great start to the series, but I’m not entirely sure the premise can be sustained. It seems a little odd that a new mom would be so willing to get involved in a murder mystery, but the involvement of a relative and an old friend combined with Kate’s hope to not have to return to her job makes it somewhat plausible. As the series continues, I question whether it will still make sense for Kate to put her life in danger.

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