Friday, July 10, 2009

review: missing mark by julie kramer

Riley Spartz is a TV reporter in Minnesota who keeps having crazy adventures while chasing her sweeps stories. The ad she spots about an unworn wedding dress plunges her into a missing person/murder mystery. Unfortunately, her news director isn’t big on the story and wants her to pursue a stolen fish. And while all that’s going on, Riley has been entrusted with the care of a police dog that has drug-ring assassins after him!

I think I would’ve liked this book more if the main character didn’t work in the same industry as me. While some things can be (possibly) explained away because each station does things differently, I do feel there are some glaring inaccuracies. For example, Riley calls Malik in to shoot the note she gets and tells him that it’ll be overtime for him. Not a chance. Riley would have to make use of one of the photographers already at the station. Riley also mentions that the station has dropped its insurance on the equipment to save money. Again there’s no way this would happen. I was actually expecting the insurance thing to come into play as a plot point because it’s so absurd. Another gripe I have is that all the TV stuff seemed dumbed down; there’s no need to go into the explanations that Kramer does. If an explanation is needed, then it should be woven in better. Most of the explanations stopped the action. Overall, the plotting was good and I was kept guessing as to how each story would wrap.

Julie Kramer is touring to promote Missing Mark. The dates can be found on her website.

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