Tuesday, July 28, 2009

review and tour: blue like play dough by tricia goyer

Tricia Goyer completely changed her life in a very short time. She got pregnant twice in high school; the first time she had an abortion, but the second time she resisted the pressure from her boyfriend and had the baby. Goyer doesn’t really explain how it came about that having her first child inspired her to turn her life over to God, but she did. Shortly thereafter, Goyer met her husband and had two more children.

Throughout Blue Like Play Dough, Goyer relates how God has played a role in her life. Goyer and I have very different moral views; I don’t find her inspiring or relatable. I wish she had been a little less preachy and delved into how she came to have these views. She barely touches on her abortion, but spends quite a bit of time discussing her work with an anti-choice group. It seems like her past would play a role in her current work, so it should be discussed more. I was disappointed the story didn’t start with how as a teen mom Goyer became religious or what it was like to become involved with another man so soon after having her son.

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