Thursday, January 4, 2018

review: royally wed by teri wilson

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Loosely based on the movie Royal Wedding, Teri Wilson's Royally Wed finds a heartbroken musician called in as a last minute replacement to perform at Princess Amelia's wedding. Although Asher doesn't know it, the princess is being forced to marry her best friend's father in order to preserve the royal lineage. Circumstances (namely a dog named Willow) repeatedly bring Asher and Amelia together until the pair becomes romantically entangled.

Wilson's Royally Wed deviates enough from the movie's plot that the story is truly her own. Though a bit far-fetched, the cuteness of Asher and Amelia's relationship allowed me to become wholly caught up in their romance. Using Willow to bring the pair together worked well and added some fun comedy to the romance.
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