Friday, January 5, 2018

review: a line in the dark by malinda lo

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High school students Jess and Angie are best friends, but their relationship becomes strained when Angie begins dating Margot, who is wealthy and attends a private boarding school. Jess and Margot do not like each other with Jess saying that Margot's a bad person (Jess saw her shoplift and also knows someone Margot bullied) and Margot saying Jess is jealous (which she definitely is). There's typical high school drama until Jess discovers a secret while on the boarding school campus for her special art class. The plot intensifies when Jess gets drunk at a party and reveals the secret. Angie hurries Jess away from the party, but the fallout is huge--the girl Jess fought with is found dead. Soon the police are questioning everyone from the party and the drama heats up as the twists and turns play out.

The ending of A Line in the Dark was quite surprising. Part of it being surprising is that the actions of one of the teens felt out of character. It would've worked better if Malinda Lo had developed her character more to make it easier to believe she would do what she did. The build up to the ending was great though with the girls being just like so many I knew in high school.
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