Tuesday, January 23, 2018

review: beyond scandal and desire by lorraine heath

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Mick Trewlove is a self-made man with a vendetta. He was given up to a baby farmer by the Duke of Hedley, whose legitimate son has a gambling problem. Mick's plan for revenge is two-fold--he'll win the Duke's property through the son's poor gambling decisions and also gain the affection of the son's betrothed, who happens to be Hedley's ward. But Mick didn't count on actually falling for the kind-hearted Lady Aslyn.

The first in a new series, Beyond Scandal and Desire has a fantastic plot and tremendously enjoyable characters. The secondary characters (who in some cases will be main characters in future books) were just as multi-dimensional as the main characters. Despite taking place in 1871, Aslyn is a headstrong young woman. In keeping with the time, she's been sheltered, but Lorraine Heath makes sure she has agency when it comes to the romance. There's also an excellent twist that causes Mick to rethink everything.
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