Tuesday, July 21, 2009

review: the uninvited by tim wynne-jones

Following an affair with her college professor, Mimi decides to escape to an isolated property her father owns. When she arrives, she discovers the house is already in use by a recent college graduate. The two are thinking about how attractive the other is when something shocking is revealed—Mimi is at her father’s home, but Jay is at his father’s home as well. It seems their father forgot to mention he had a son in Canada before moving to New York and meeting Mimi’s mother. But this isn’t the end of the revelations for the summer. Before Mimi arrived, someone was harassing Jay at the house by leaving various things like a snakeskin. Now that Mimi is there, the break-ins have escalated. There are two highly suspect neighbors, but the cops seem unwilling to investigate the theft and harassment. As Mimi and Jay discover, they have a deep connection to the person behind the objects mysteriously left at the house.

The prologue left me wondering a bit, but once I got to the part where Mimi and Jay realize they are half-siblings I knew I had to keep reading. Most of the mysteries are revealed to the reader long before Mimi and Jay find out, but I was still compelled to find out how they would discover the truth about Cramer and what their reaction would be. The family relations were very well done and the suspense builds nicely.

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