Monday, April 9, 2018

review: lucky score by deborah coonts

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With a new NFL team coming to town, there's even more money than usual floating around Las Vegas in Lucky Score which finds the Babylon front and center in another murder mystery. Lucky knows the murder of a local politician is going to attract all the wrong kinds of attention. High-stakes illegal gambling and the opioid epidemic create even more complications, especially when the Babylon's trusted head of security accidentally touches some fentanyl (don't worry, he survives, but is unable to work during the course of the murder investigation).

Lucky Score begins at break-neck speed, but slows considerably as a number of interrelated subplots are woven together. It's still entertaining, but a little confusing at times as the reader (just like Lucky) isn't sure who to trust. The ninth novel of the series brings up all sorts of doubts for Lucky who struggles with the idea that a friend may not be who she thinks he is as well as some uncertainty about her love life. As such, Lucky isolates herself a bit in this book and some of the fun that comes with the secondary characters is lost as a result.
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