Monday, April 16, 2018

review: lorna versus laura by cynthia hilston

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Set during World War II (although one would only know that from a few references made by the characters) in Cleveland, Lorna (who changed her name from Laura after the death of her parents at the hands of a drunk driver) lives a fairly solitary life as an elementary school teacher. With her parents deceased and her brother fighting in Europe, the only adult Lorna interacts with is her long-time best friend who encourages Lorna to get out more. Eventually Lorna connects with her neighbor, an attractive but aloof man with a secret.

Lorna Versus Laura is written passively, but it works well because of how passive Lorna is. The story, which focuses on Lorna's grief and struggle with her faith while also including a bit of a romance, is entertaining though it does include a few far-fetched plot points (like Lorna's "friendship" with a fellow teacher). There's an interesting development regarding the romance that seemed like it should've come earlier in the book so that Lorna could've had more of a struggle with that aspect of her life as well.
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