Thursday, December 21, 2017

review: gratoony the loony by gilles gratton & greg oliver

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Gilles Gratton had a fairly short professional hockey career, but his antics (and a goalie mask painted like a lion) made him a memorable player from the 1970s era. In his memoir, Gratton reveals his lack of interest in playing hockey, some of his family's issues, and how adamantly he believes in past lives. With coauthor Greg Oliver, Gratton shares some wild stories about the exploits of professional athletes (which he admits would probably land someone in jail if attempted today) and paints quite the picture of the time. Throughout Gratton's tales are inserts from friends, family, and hockey associates who also reflect on the experiences. Gratoony the Loony isn't the most polished or linear tale, but it feels like Gratton's voice has really come through in this memoir.
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