Friday, December 15, 2017

review: the art of running in heels by rachel gibson

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Lexie Kowalsky is the daughter of a former NHL player who now coaches the Seattle Chinooks (the story of Lexie's mom and dad kicked off the series), but she makes a name for herself by winning a The Bachelor-style show called Gettin' Hitched. When it comes time to tape the wedding for the big finale, Lexie bails. A friend who owns a plane whisks her off to British Columbia to hide from the fallout. On the small plane is an attractive man also going to Canada. He knows who Lexie is, but Lexie doesn't realize the man who helps her out of her uncomfortable wedding garb is the new player her father keeps railing about. Lexie and Sean hook up and then it all gets complicated.

A series based around a Seattle NHL team and a book specifically about hype around a runaway reality show bride seems likely to be filled with all sorts of improbable situations, but Rachel Gibson makes it work. It's clear she knows the Pacific Northwest and hockey. The most implausible thing in The Art of Running in Heels ended up being when CNN tossed to a KING reporter. A few years ago this was unlikely because it's not really how the industry works, but it's impossible now that Tegna (who bought KING in 2013) ended the station's CNN affiliation. The Art of Running in Heels is an absolutely delightful romp. The one off-putting thing is the sexism displayed by Lexie's father and a few of the hockey players. With the incredible news that Seattle is finally in the running for an expansion NHL team (of course, it happened after I left!), Rachel Gibson's Chinooks Hockey Team series is one to check out.
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