Thursday, July 27, 2017

review: with vics you get eggroll by diane vallere

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Madison Night has been the target of a murderer before, but now all the women of Dallas seem to be targets as multiple women have been abducted and the body of one has been recovered. Madison’s feeling particularly vulnerable as her apartment building has emptied out stemming from events in That Touch of Ink. Making matters worse, someone is framing Lt. Tex Allen, so he doesn’t have his usual investigative tools at his disposable. Even so, Madison and Tex are determined to figure out who the murderer really is.

The third Mad for Mod spends some time recapping what happened in the first two books. The recaps fortunately do not come all at once, but unfortunately do feel a bit clunky. Despite the recaps, the plot of With Vics You Get Eggroll moves along nicely with Madison frequently putting her foot in it as she seems to have come to believe she’s now skilled in investigations (don’t worry, she’s still very lovable). It’s a great way to throw in plenty of red herrings while also keeping the series grounded in reality (some series can suffer from the ridiculous frequency that a character becomes involved in murders, but Mad for Mad keeps up the plausibility).

About the audiobook: Diane Vallere’s With Vics You Get Eggroll is read by Susie Berneis (as are the other books in the series), who is the perfect choice for voicing Madison. Her intonations are spot on and help bring Madison and all the other characters to life. The audio version was released January 2017 by Dreamscape Media and runs 8 hours.
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