Thursday, July 27, 2017

review: the rift uprising by amy s. foster

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The first book in a trilogy by Amy S. Foster finds a teen girl finding love while also uncovering the vast government conspiracy she’s been made a soldier in since childhood. Ryn is one of many teenaged Citadels who secretly (no one outside the program knows it exists) guard “rifts” that often open up allowing people and creatures from other universes to enter Ryn’s world. When an intelligent and attractive male teenager comes through the rift while Ryn is guarding it, she feels drawn to him and realizes she doesn’t know what happens to those she captures—the need to find out about Ezra sends her on a journey she never would have predicted.

While The Rift Uprising makes use of many of the common tropes of dystopian fiction, Foster’s excellent writing and compelling narrative prevent the book from feeling like it’s the same old plot. Furthermore, unlike others in the genre, Foster establishes a plausible reason for a teen girl to be the hero—a select group of children have been programmed by the government into excellency both mentally and physically and Ryn then happens to stumble upon some additional information that allows her to begin piecing together the finer details. The Rift Uprising is a great start to a trilogy.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Harper Voyager.

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