Friday, December 23, 2016

review: into the dark by alison gaylin

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After gaining fame as the "Head-Case Hero" for solving the Iris Neff case using her Hyperthymestic memory, Brenna Spector heads her own successful private investigator business. Although she swore never to work with Errol Ludlow again, Brenna finds herself sucked back in as Errol is investigating the disappearance of an Internet video star who seems to know much about the life of Brenna's missing sister, Clea. As Brenna and her assistant investigate the woman calling herself Lula Belle, Brenna discovers far too many connections to her sister for it to all be coincidence, but is soon dealing with life-threatening situations.

Alison Gaylin handles the flashbacks of long ago memories in Into the Dark far better than in And She Was, but they're still a little distracting at times. It sometimes seems hard to believe that Brenna is still so obsessed with her sister's disappearance, especially since Brenna has a daughter who seems a little neglected. Brenna's personal life hasn't made any substantial advances from the last book either. Fortunately, this second book of the series finally provides some answers about what really happened to Clea. Also, the mystery surrounding Lula Belle is pretty gripping even as the twists make it semi-complicated.
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